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Objective of the workshop:
The purpose of the event is to explore potential joint UK US applied research projects around clean energy/energy management issues within three focus areas - biofuels including algal and hydrogen, energy storage and conversion (batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen etc) and energy management particularly in the built environment. The aim is to discover potential links between UK and US academics which together would look to develop solutions to the issues which can be commercialized. These foci areas are being honed further as we identify specific issues within these subject areas. The workshop is not an opportunity to formally present research but more the opportunity to explore its relevance and synergy with UK and US academics to hopefully stimulate collaboration and identify projects which can be developed as research proposals that are based around one or more of the identified theme areas. Ideally the projects will leverage the expertise of a few of the attending institutions with collaborators from both the UK and the US.  Projects ideally would be applied, with the potential to be commercially relevant.

Aim of the Workshop:
  • Link up UK and US based researchers with complementary, synergistic and relevant expertise and research interests;
  • Identify at least 3 tangible collaborative applied research opportunities and potential projects where the associated researchers are motivated to work together (many of the projects are likely to be multi- disciplinary);
  • Begin to explore how these potential projects can be developed and secure research funding.
UK Participants US Participants
Prof Gary Hawley
Dr Matt Davidson
Dr Tim Mays

Dr Alan Champneys
Dr Bernard Stark
Prof Nick Lieven

Dr Alex Rogers
Dr John Owens

Prof Bob Slade
Dr John Varcoe
Boston University
Uday Pal

Clark University

Charles Agosta

University of Connecticut
Senjie Lin
Prabhakar Singh

University of Massachusetts
Paul Kostecki
John Miller

Northeastern University
Sanjeev Mukerjee

SUNY at Binghamton
M. Stanley Whittingham

John McNeill
Grant McGimpsey
Chris Lambert
Ravi Datta

Yale University
Victor Batista

Clean Energy Workshop agenda

Monday 9th  November 2009
Muse Salon & Alexis Gallery, The Marlowe Hotel, Boston,

Time Activity
09.30 Participants Registration & Refreshments
10.30 Welcome, Introduction & Networking
Why are we here?
Outline of previous experience and hoped outcomes
Understanding the Research Challenges
Networking and discovery session
Focussing around posters and themes
12.15 Lunch
13.30 Sources of funding
Presentation and Q&A
Selecting areas for possible research collaboration
Review of ideas generated during morning session
Developing potential collaboration projects
Small groups to develop outline plans
Feedback & plenary review of recommendations
17.00 Closing comments and move to reception
18.00 Networking Reception
19.30 Reception / Workshop Close

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